Dual of the Week Recap

Well…that was interesting.

The dual fell pretty much as predicted here with a notable exception…I didn’t foresee 13 pins in 14 matches.  As you can see below, Windham did what it needed to early on, winning the bouts from 106-126 (note, the dual itself started at 195).  BG got the “steal” it needed from freshman Zach Rioux at 132.  Through the Middleweights it went as expected with BG taking care of business.  Windham won 2 of the 3 heavyweights.

Here’s a sneaky little insight that probably will get lost in what appears to be a wide final margin.  This dual really swung on two matches.  At 126, the 3 point decision is actually probably a win for BG.  At the end of the day winning is winning and Vincent Marino won the match.  That said, freshman Jesse Brochu moved up 2 weights and held it to just a 3pt decision.  In the next bout freshman Zach Rioux got the fall over a very game Senior in Nick Sawyer.  Play this out…if Marino pins Brochu its a +3 for Windham.  If Sawyer pins Rioux its -6 for BG and +6 for Windham.  Its now a 42-42 dual.  Don’t be fooled by the final margin…this was a tight one.

For some pre and post match interviews with BG coach Paul Rousseau and some of the wrestlers involved in the action, see Ben Tessiers latest Ben’s Den post HERE.

3 thoughts on “Dual of the Week Recap”

  1. Just a note, “going up 2 weight classes” is prohibited. If this was the case the athlete must have weighed in at a weight above his expected weight because he was “overweight”. Just wanted to put that out there so others wouldn’t think coaches were pulling fast ones.

    1. Fair point…the reference is in regard to the initial weigh in, expecting to drop 1, but actually going up 1 in the first dual…technically up 1, but up 2 from where he will in all likelihood eventually end up. Totally understand the stigma around “cutting” but some of the freakouts around this stuff are also pretty amusing.

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