YMCA Tournament STILL ON  


Ben Tessier
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17/12/2016 1:41 am  

Sunday tournament is still on (yes we know Hollis cancelled).  Stay safe tomorrow and we WILL SEE YOU SUNDAY

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17/03/2017 8:58 am  

The YMCA is conducting a chess tournament at its centre in Narayanaguda. There are 8 categories in this tournament. They are: Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 19, College Students, Men, Women and Kargil Victory. The winners will be decided on the number of points they have scored. The arbiter for the matches is Gnanananda. Eau Claire YMCA  was the proud host of a four day squash tournament this May  1 – 4.  A variety of played came from around the city to compete. If you want essay related topic you can go for custom essay writing service will get better result.

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17/10/2018 9:52 am  

Thanks for sharing informative post. The tournament for girls will be held October in Delhi. The tournament will have 6 spots in each division. We are helpful that we can fit the tournament into Saturday and Sunday. Any information about tournament visit Car towing service site . you will get  better result.