Match of the Week 12/21/2017

The match of the week is a sure fire winner this week.  We saw #2 Kyle Gora of Alvirne take out #1 Marc Boomhower of Campbell.  Good early season bout to setup a sure rematch down the road.

Match of the Week 2/8/17

The match of the week this week is the Dual between Concord and Timberlane in its entirety.  You can read my recap on the main page.  Happy Viewing.

Video 1

Timberlane @ Concord

B Berube vs I Gladey

Video 2

Timberlane @ Concord

Munnell Vs Hughes

Tremblay vs Gunnison

Tarwo vs Blaisdell

Post v Giffard

Video 3

Timberlane @ Concord

Cole vs Buteau

Video 4

Timberlane @ Concord

Beaulieu vs Lewis

Wagner vs Roeger

Donovan vs Linquata

Cate vs Seavey

Musgrave vs Bunch

Broadhurst vs Widmann

Lewis vs Mackenzie

J Berube vs Ling

Match of the Week 2/2/17

NH #1 AJ Pagliarulo of Bedford vs MA #1 Josh Lee of Burlington.  This is the third match of the year for these two wrestlers, the first two going to Lee.  This is just about the highest level wrestling you will see in New England High School wrestling.  Please keep in mind that these submissions from family and friends, not professional photographers.  The emotion of a close bout can make you forget to adjust the camera sometimes.  Unfortunately the climactic moment of the bout is missed on video.  I can tell you the sequence missed was and escape and technical violation for locking hands.  Just a note, in a previous MOTW featuring Pagliarulo I noted how much stronger he looked than his opponent.  Seemingly being able to push and bully his way around a bit.  Notice in this match that he gets as good as he gives in that regard.  Great match all around and I expect we could see a 4th bout between these two in March.

Move of the Week 2/2/17

Payton Sills of Windham vs Matt Digiosio of Milford.  Everyone loves a good Granby!!!  The match was eventually won by Sills by fall in the second period.

Move of the Week ***BONUS*** 2/1/17

I know people are anxiously awaiting the Pagliarulo vs Lee video this week.  That one will be up tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, take a look at the wrestlers of the future in this clip.  Derek Jones of MPAL Gryphons is the bottom wrestler.  Watch the movement to escape and get to his feet.  Immediately into a single, his Londonderry opponent counters well and gets his foot back to the mat.  Not to be deterred, Jones transitions to a double finishes the feet to back move for the pin.  Great Job Derek.

Video courtesy of Mike Martioski

Match of the Week 1/26/17

#1 Mike Tanguay (195) of Windham vs #3 John Ferrelli (170) of Winnacunnet at 182lbs.  Lets start with a few housekeeping items.  I haven't moved Tanguay to 182 in the rankings because I cant wrap my head around why he wants to go there.  I don't know what his walking around weight is, but I know he pretty easily qualifies for New Englands at 195.  At 182, that's far from a sure thing.  That said, he appears to be firmly at 182 at this point, and will be moved in the next rankings release.  Ferrelli hasn't wrestled above 170 all year.  Huge thumbs up to Ferrelli and Winnacunnet for chasing this matchup.  The match itself seemed play out in the only way it could if Ferrelli was going to win.  I have to think the plan was to try to keep it standing, go for a late takedown at some point and keep it close enough to outlast Tanguay at the horn.  ALL of those things played out.  The bigger guy, Tanguay, was dominant in most of the mat action from the top position.  The match was won by Ferrelli in the last 10-15 seconds of the second and third periods.  The reversal in the last 7 seconds of the second period (note the method of'll see it again) and the reversal and near fall 2 in the final 10 seconds of third (look familiar?).  Bigger buy more dominant on the mat but pushed physically, smaller guy trying to out cardio his opponent and go for it at the end...its the only way Ferrelli could pull it off...and he did.

Match of the Week ***BONUS*** 1/19/17

#1 Tyler Sharron of Newport v #3 Marc Boomhower of Campbell at 160lbs.  This match ended in a 7-5 decision for Sharron.  It was a very interesting match between two wrestlers who know each other VERY well and have a number of wars.  My only real note to this one is I cant wait to see it again.  PLEASE do not construe this as slighting Sharron in any way...but Boomhower clearly isn't fully back into wrestling shape yet.  He's just back from injury and it seemed obvious he isn't quite back to himself from a conditioning standpoint.  160 has the potential to be a fantastic weight at MOCs.

Match of the Week 1/19/17

#1 132# Cam McClure of Alvirne vs #2 132# AJ Pagliarulo of Bedford.  I have to say...we had some great matchups to feature this season.  This is one is no different.  The 6-4 decision went Pagliarulo with most of the scoring happening in the final 35-40 seconds.  As far as commentary on the bout, McClure is an excellent competitor that I am sure is already working on how to beat Pagliarulo in the postseason.  That is a monumental task right now.  Pagliarulo's lone 2 losses on the year are to the Mass #1 (and probably New England's favorite) Josh Lee.  His strength at 132 is ridiculous.  McClure is very good technical wrestler but Pagliarulo just looked plain bigger and stronger.  Its amazing to me he makes 132.  Enjoy the video.

Match of the Week 1/11/17

#3 220# Robbie Fahey of Pinkerton vs #5 Alex Buteau of Concord.  There is soooooo much to like about this match.  Start with the obvious that it was a top 5 bout that went to sudden victory.  You all know my stance on the lack of stalling calls at this point.  One of the things I noted in my first viewing of the match was how much action there was for big guys.  After watching it all the way through I think I picked up on why.  Note the 1:11 mark in the first period.  The referee, I wish I knew who it was so I could high five him, CALLED A 1st PERIOD STALL WARNING.  Now, some may not like it and I would say its more than likely cause you just aren't used to it.  Look how much action this match ended up having after that call!  Also, consider that it absolutely affected the end of the match with the tying point.  A couple notes on the actual wrestling.  Awesome action for big guys.  The late TD2 by Fahey was great, he really dug deep.  The mental toughness of Buteau to give up the tying point and come back in SV OT is fantastic.  Enjoy.

***UPDATE:  I've been informed the referee is former Winnacunnet and Bedford coach Bob Benincasa.***

Match of the Week 1/4/17

#4 160# Dylan Hughes of Timberlane vs unranked 160# Momin Khawaja of Manchester Central.  160 is one of the deeper weights in the state this year and this bout may be the beginning of a big round robin mess that wont be solved until the postseason.  Very nice win for Khawaja and should see him move into the rankings next week.

Match of the Week 12/25/16 XMAS Bonus

#1 138# Ben Widman of Concord v #5 138# Cole Scott of Exeter.  Cole Scott caps off a great week taking down #1 Widman.  Earlier in the week, with Exeter trailing by 5 going onto the final match of the dual against Pinkerton, Scott got the pin and propelled Exeter to the 1point victory in the dual of the week.

Match of the Week 12/22/16

#2 120# Matt LaMarche of Nashua South battles #5 120# Jaden Lesperance of Winnacunnet.  Sometimes parity is a great thing.  We are seeing ranked matchups on a weekly basis and this one doesn't disappoint.

Its a 3-2 decision and there wasn't a takedown or an escape in the bout!!


Match of the Week 12/15/16

#2 p4p (#1 152#) Tristan Cabinta-Salem vs #3 p4p (#1 145#) Wayne Nolette-Nashua North.  There was absolutely no question on match of the week.  When you can get the #2 v #3 ranked p4p wrestlers in the state in the circle together during a dual meet in December…it’s a no brainer.  Look for the accompanying blog post later today on this topic.  In the meantime, watch and enjoy.

Part 1
Part 2

Move of the Week 12/15/16

Jesse Brochu-Smittys Barn in Rd1 of the Red Devil Rumble.  So many little things here that add up to big things.  Stance, motion, level change, setup with the head tap/pull.  He jab steps, sets up like hes going lock up and then nails a level change into the duck under.  Well Done.


Match of the week 12/8/16

Aidan Descouteaux-Manchester Central vs Kent Dow-Merrimack.  This bout was a major in favor of Descouteaux so you might wonder...why MOTW?  The last 30 seconds of the bout answer that question.  With a 7-1 lead and 31 seconds on the clock many wrestlers just pack it in and take the decision.  Descouteaux continued the attack, got a late TD2 and picked up the bonus point.  These little things can mean the difference a lot times.  Week 1 Match of the Week.

Move of the Week 12/8/16

Julien Hovan-Merrimack vs Ihab Aged-Manchester Central.  Hovan comes out and almost immediately hits a Japanese Whizzer.

***Disclosure-Both clips this week involve Merrimack wrestlers.  I am personally affiliated with the Merrimack Youth Wrestling program.  Both clips were actually submitted by persons affiliated with Manchester Central.***