Gora Makes a Booming Statement

Anytime a top 5 P4P wrestler goes down its a story.  When its a freshman announcing themselves onto the wrestling scene, its a huge one.

Alvirne Freshman Kyle Gora made a very loud entrance onto the high school wrestling scene this past weekend at the Hollis/Brookline Nor’Easter.  Entering the tournament, with no high school credentials, Gora was a mid seed on the same side of the bracket as Campbell’s Marc Boomhower.  Boomhower is a MOC Champion, multiple time New England Qualifier and among the best in the state pound for pound.  Perhaps best known for his rivalry with Tyler Sharron of Newport, Boomhower was a clear favorite to win at 160.

Enter Kyle Gora.  A freshman for sure, but no rookie when it comes to high end competition.  Gora was an elite level wrestler at the youth level and won a National Championship last spring.  Gora and Boomhower are also familiar from their training together at the famed Smitty’s Barn.  While there would normally be some advantages to being a senior wrestler competing against a green freshman, Gora’s experience on the big stage certainly mitigated that.

The bout video is one to be seen for sure.  A takedown in the first by Gora got the scoring started, followed by a late escape for Boomhower to end the period 2-1 in favor of Gora.  Boomhower started down in the second and got a reversal about halfway through to take a 3-2 lead.  Boomhower seemed pretty gassed at this point and got hit with a stall warning.  Gora was awarded an escape with under 10 seconds to go in the 2nd to tie it at 3.  Gora went down to start the third and unable to work much from the top, Boomhower cut him, giving Gora the 4-3 lead.  Boomhower was able to secure a takedown on the edge of the mat with about 18 seconds on the clock to take a 5-4 lead but it was shortlived as Gora got a reversal and a rideout to win the bout 6-5.

Perhaps even more interesting than the result is Gora’s outlook.  Its clear from his post match interview with Ben Tessier that he does not view this win as an aberration.  With a stated goal of winning Lowell Holiday’s THIS YEAR and being a 4-time State and New England Champion he has certainly set a high bar.  I have a feeling that Marc Boomhower will be waiting for him somewhere along the way trying to play spoiler.  Until then, you cant help but admire the booming entrance Gora made onto the scene.


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