Incoming Freshman

2018/2019 Notable Incoming Freshman

(This list is not intended to be “ranked”, don’t infer anything from the order)

“Notable” was defined by me as having significant youth accomplishments AND the likelihood of being a regular in a varsity lineup as a freshman. I’m aware there could be omissions of quality kids using this criterion, especially from loaded teams like Timberlane and Concord.  It may not appear “fair” but if the reality is that a kid will have to wait till they are a junior to get into the lineup I’m not sure how notable it is NOW.  That said…these are freshman with only youth wrestling resumes…I EXPECT surprises, so don’t be offended if I have overlooked someone.  Everything gets settled on the mat in the end.

Codey Wild-Timberlane

NHSCA National Champion, 5 Time Youth New England Champion

Austin Morris-Keene

2018 Youth New England Champion, 154lbs

Daniel DeBernardo-Milford

2018 Youth New England Champion, 215lbs

Anthony Rousseau-Timberlane

2018 Youth New Englands Placer-3rd, 130lbs

Jason Foster-Keene

2018 Youth New Englands Runner-up, 130lbs


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