Pre-Season P4P

  1. Connor McGonagle, Timberlane, D1, Grade 11

There isn’t much discussion needed here. While it might be entertaining to read, I don’t believe there is a coherent, logical argument for anyone else to be at number 1.  New England Champ, Journeymen Champ, Super32 champ (MS), NHSCA National champ, multiple All American finishes, ranked 7th in the country by Flowrestling.  This is an easy one.


  1. AJ Pagliarulo, Bedford, D1, Grade 11

This one was a little trickier. You could be 2 and 2a with Cabinta for this spot.  AJ doesn’t have some of the national accolades that Tristan does but that doesn’t deter my thought process.  Pagliarulo had a pretty dominate season last year including being a Lowell Holiday Finalist and a great trilogy with New England Finalist Josh Lee.  I don’t expect anything different from him this year.  Expect him to be finish at the top in NH and compete for a title at New Englands.


  1. Tristan Cabinta, Salem, D1, Grade 11

The aforementioned Cabinta is coming off back to back state titles and a 5th place at last years New Englands.  Cabinta was an NHSCA national finalist as a freshman.  I have no doubt that Cabinta will be there at the end.  It appears (based on where he wrestled at the Journeymen fall classic) that Tristan will be up at least 1 weight, maybe 2.  As he navigates this weight shift there remains the possibility of an early bump in the road.


  1. Brian Lindsay, Kingswood, D2, Grade 12

Brian is the definition of “under the radar”. Almost every season I forget about him.  Which considering his resume, is inexcusable.  You don’t see him as much in the boxscores because he is essentially an independent that we don’t see in duals.  All he does is wrestle hard, show up and win in the postseason year after year.  A multiple time state champ, 3 time New England qualifier….he belongs in the top 5.


  1. Marc Boomhower, Campbell, D3, Grade 12

Marc was hampered all season with injuries in 16/17. Hopefully, entering his senior season, things come together.  The rivalry with Tyler Sharron of Newport of the last 2 seasons is now behind him with Sharron graduating.  Boomhower should be at the top of the state and compete to place at New Englands.


  1. Dylan Tremblay, Timberlane, D1, Grade 12
  2. Dan Curran, Conval, D2, Grade 12
  3. Sterling McLaughlin, Pinkerton, D1, Grade 10
  4. Jac St Jean, Goffstown, D2, Grade 12
  5. Cam McClure, Alvirne, D1, Grade 12

Others considered:  Strout-Oyster River, Hovan-Merrimack, BBerube-Timberlane, Post-Timberlane, Widmann-Concord, Austin-White Mountain,

4 thoughts on “Pre-Season P4P”

  1. You might want to consider Riley Millette, Windham or Taylor Donovan, Timberlane. They have both finished 2nd and 3rd in MOCs the last two years and been 2 time New England qualifiers. I don’t think they should replace any of the top five but they have records which match some of the other wrestlers.

  2. It’s going to be tough to knock Connor McGonagle out of that #1 spot. #2 & #3 could flip flop for sure. It would be interesting where Pagliarulo would be if he truly competed in the off season. He did VA Nationals last year and that was it. If he kept hitting against national level competition on the regular, his game would be hard to handle with his strength.

    Either way, the freshman class coming in will add fuel to the fire of the P4P debate. Incoming Alvirne freshman Kyle Gora rates an instant discussion in my opinion. He’s been wrestling high school competition in the off season for a few years now and mopping the mat with a lot of them. Safe to say that trend will continue.

    Beautiful time of the year!

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