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Its rankings time again, so a few notes. Invariably these rankings drive a lot of discussion. Some of it perfectly reasonable, some of it very petty and emotional. I accept this is as a “cost of doing business”. That said, I always like to give a few disclaimers with the rankings. So in no particular order, here they are;

*These rankings are not “official” as I have no affiliation with the NHIAA
*These rankings are generally the opinion of one person (me). I am open to getting others involved in a committee type situation if people are interested.
*Im fully aware that “this will get settled on the mat”
*My rankings are not ALWAYS based solely on head to heads. There are many situations where things are more nuanced than that. I get that people may not always like it.
*I am at the mercy of what is reported by teams, coaches and parents. The more info I get, the more accurate the rankings will be. I am not “out to get anyone” and the implications of “what do you have against XXXXX” are silly. More than likely, ive just missed something or something wasn’t reported.

Keep in mind that the first release of the year is the most difficult and often the most inaccurate. Weights are still moving and there are not a lot of results to go on.

All these things said, stay tuned!!! Rankings will be released at 9am!!!

6 thoughts on “Rankings Pre-Post”

  1. Brian Lindsay from Kingswood was a glaring oversight. His sort of independent status got me. He will be considered on next weeks release

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