First release of the season.  I know this is much later than normal and I have seen and felt all the questions about whats going on with updates.  The simple reality is that life has gotten busy.  I don't have as much time to put in as in the past.  As I stated in the preseason, I am happy to accept anyone that wants to assist with doing rankings or providing content.


As far as these rankings go, they are admittedly not as well vetted as usual.  I will happily take any feedback on head to heads ive missed or glaring omissions.  I assure you, any obvious errors or omissions are well intended and not meant as slights in any way.  Comment away!!!

Rankings discussion HERE

106 Konrad Paker Timberlane D1
Wyatt Reinhardt Bow D3
Justin Gandia Campbell D3
Ryan O'Rourke Salem D1
Ghana Darjee Concord D1
113 Nick Roeger Timberlane D1
Colby Spencer Nashua South D1
Alden Harvey Goffstown D2
Dominic Robinson Pinkerton D1
Jacob Oberto Campbell D3
120 Matt Adams Salem D1
Payton Sills Windham D1
Ethan Comeau Concord D1
Skyler Hattendorf Bow D3
John Leavitt Timberlane D1
126 Jesse Brochu Bishop Guertin D2
George Boudreau Salem D1
Conner Sills Windham D1
Codey Wild Timberlane D1
Jack Sargent Concord D1
132 Connor McGonagle Timberlane D1
Josh Sharron Newport D3
Nick Tsoupas Manchester Central D1
Trey Fortier Concord D1
David Hammond Pinkerton D1
138 Nick Pallaria Timberlane D1
Zach Rioux Bishop Guertin D2
Tyler O'Mara Campbell D3
Riley Millette Windham D1
Jack Carrozzi Bedford D1
145 Hayden Brown Exeter D1
Antonio Pallaria Timberlane D1
Anson Dewar Merrimack D2
Trevor O'Mara Campbell D3
Matt Frechette Bishop Guertin D2
152 Noah Strout Oyster River D3
Tom Cullerton Nashua South D1
Tyler MacKiernan Pinkerton D1
Nick Bunch Concord D1
Hunter Lessard Plymouth D3
160 Tristen Cabinta Salem D1
Dan Franco Bishop Guertin D2
Tyler Simpson Concord D1
Austin Morris Kenne D1
Scott Anneser H/B D2
170 Kyle Gora Alvirne D1
Isaac Gladey Concord D1
David Gibson Goffstown D2
Mitchell Hammond Timberlane D1
Tyler St. Pierre H/B D2
182 Sterling McLaughlin Pinkerton D1
Zach Brickner HB D2
Gavin Lovely Newport D3
Josh Bean Londonderry D1
Abbas Abdulrahman Concord D1
195 Beau Dillon Salem D1
Connor Maslanek Pelham D3
Ben Psaledas Londonderry D1
Nathaniel Tejeda Nashua South D1
Xavier Young Goffstown D2
220 Noah Giffard Concord D1
Kyle Garrapy Keene D1
Cam Varney Manchester Central D1
Chris Lund Timberlane D1
Owen MacMilan H/B D2
285 Robbie Fahey Pinkerton D1
Josh Ozoria Salem D1
Nick Connerty Bishop Guertin D2
Marcus Colon Timberlane D1
Garrett Hillard Nashua North D1