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Like last year, I will not be doing weight classed rankings for the first two weeks of the season.  The growth that happens, both physically and in skill is so great every offseason that they are essentially meaningless (although some of you argue the rankings are always meaningless :)).  I will do the first weight class rankings after we have a couple weeks of results to look at.  In the meantime, what we can talk about is the P4P list.  Frankly, there is no mystery at number 1.  There probably isn’t much mystery 1-6.  Below that is where things get interesting.  Im particularly interested to see what some of last years freshman crop produces this season.  Also interesting in considering some of these spots is a small shift in the balance of power within the weights.  For the last few years the depth has resided in the lower weights.  This season I expect the middleweights to carry the state.  Without further ado, here is your first release of P4P rankings for 2018/19.

Connor McGonagle Timberlane G12 D1
Hayden Brown Exeter G12 D1
Tristen Cabinta Salem G12 D1
Kyle Gora Alvirne G10 D1
Sterling McLaughlin Pinkerton G11 D1
Noah Strout Oyster River G12 D2
Matt Adams Salem G11 D1
Jon Austin White Mountain G12 D3
Dan Franco BG G12 D2
Robbie Fahey Pinkerton G12 D1


11 thoughts on “Start of Rankings/P4P”

  1. Great list, Didn’t Noah Stout make it to the New England finals last year though? I would of thought he would of been higher on the list.

  2. My opinion: top two are no brainers. Then the rest will all cycle up and down from 3rd to 10th. Strout, Austin, and Adams will all go undefeated in NH this year. The others on the list could get beat on an off day.

    1. I did indeed have AJ Pagliarulo at 3…unfortunately he has a sustained an undisclosed, season ending injury. Really tough for one of our best wrestlers and a really great kid.

  3. Strout should really start at 2. He dominated in NH last year and took second in New England’s . Not sure why Klombard thinks top 2 are no brainers
    If nothing else, 6 is way too low

    1. Well, I’ve watched both Strout and Brown the last few years and they have virtually identical statistics in their respective weight classes. So it’s just my opinion that Brown is a better wrestler using the eye test.

    1. I don’t have a problem being wrong. P4P is really tough. I totally understand your arguement. Some other things to consider would be things like strength of the brackets, etc. For me its not just about the result in a vacuum.

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