Who’s Number 1? 2019 Returning Team Points

This is a concept that I love and certainly drives conversation.  I fully understand that this does not take into account talented JV wrestlers already on rosters or incoming freshman.  PLEASE comment below with your thoughts.

Here is how this works;  I took last years MOC team scores and looked at the total points scored as a team.  I then went through the brackets and took out all the Seniors.  So what we are left with is “returning team points”.  Now, what happened last year is by no means guaranteed to dictate this years but results but I found it interesting nonetheless.  I looked at the top 10 teams from last seasons MOC.

2018 Result 2019 Returning Pts
Team Pts Team Pts
Timberlane 251.5 Pinkerton 124.5
Concord 140.5 Salem 109
Pinkerton 124.5 Timberlane 95
Salem 119 Concord 90.5
Bishop Guertin 106 Bishop Guertin 79
Windham 86 Windham 59
Nashua South 73.5 Londonderry 36
Londonderry 73 Merrimack 30
Merrimack 71.5 Nashua South 29.5
Hollis Brookline 58.5 Hollis Brookline 25.5

How’s that chart for a conversation starter? 

TIMBERLANE  251.5 / 95

Timberlane graduated 8 seniors from there MOC roster last year.  Typically they don’t rebuild, they reload, but the loss of more than 150pts could be hard to overcome.  With the return of some key starters and JV wrestlers and the addition of a National Champion MS wrestler the Owls have a shot at another title but its certainly more in doubt than any season in recent memory


CONCORD  140.5 / 90.5

Concord graduated 4 seniors from there MOC roster last year.  Usually the question is whether they can overtake Timberlane.  The question entering this season may be can they maintain a position in the top 3?


PINKERTON  124.5 / 124.5

Zero.  That’s the number of seniors that scored at MOCs last year for the Astros.  What’s that mean?  A very good roster of returning scorers.  This will all come down matchups in individual weight classes and strategy for maximizing team points.  Can the Astros push through and knock off Timberlane and Concord?  Its certainly possible and should provide some interesting bouts.


SALEM  119 / 109

Salem returns 109 points from MOCs last year.  An impressive number for sure.  I don’t see the same depth for Salem as the schools above but if you sleep on them, they will blow right by.  A scary team in tournament scoring with no less than 4 wrestlers capable of winning and scoring bonus points, Salem will be in the mix at the end.



BG lost two key upperclassmen but have a bevy of young, talented wrestlers.  The key may be who can step up from the JV squad and who they add as incoming freshman.  Expect them to maintain a top 5 finish at MOCs and be the clear top dog in D2.


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  1. How would anybody argue your logic. That was some good analysis. I looked back a year and Timberlane returned 239 point last year. With “only” 95 coming back this year it definitely gives hope to a few other programs. BUT you know how this will go. Timberlane knows how to find talent, train, and fill a roster. Nobody else has the ability to do it as well.

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